Win a Daily Mail cottage competition passwords

Win a Daily Mail cottage competition passwords

The Daily Mail Dream Cottage competition kicked off on 24 July 2010, offering readers a chance of winning a £320,000 cottage in Suffolk for free. All you need to do is collect 20 different tokens or keywords to enter the draw, and you can enter more than once. After finding the location of the Daily Mail cottage (with a bit of help from our members!); so many people contacted us asking for the daily passwords that we thought we'd consolidate the list in one post.

Daily Mail CottageA different password was printed in the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday every day between 24 July and 1 September. All entries must be submitted before the closing date on 17 September, 2010.

The T&Cs of the competition specify that you must collect at least 2 tokens from The Mail on Sunday to qualify for the prize.

Passwords for Daily Mail Dream Cottage competition

Here is the consolidated list of keywords to enter the competition, with thanks to all our contributors. Don't forget, you can enter twice with all 40 keywords.

Please note, although we've done our best to make sure these keywords are correct; we can't guarantee them 100%, as we rely on our members for this information. If you use this list, you agree we can't be held responsible if you don't win.

    Entry 1

    1. Sat 24/07: roses (thanks Baddog)
    2. Sun 25/07: thatch (thanks Baddog)
    3. Mon 26/07: pond (thanks Baddog)
    4. Tue 27/07: garden (thanks Baddog)
    5. Wed 28/07: lawn (thanks Baddog)
    6. Thu 29/07: fuchsia (thanks Baddog)
    7. Fri 30/07: pub (thanks Baddog)
    8. Sat 31/07: lane (thanks Baddog)
    9. Sun 01/08: hedge (thanks Baddog)
    10. Mon 02/08: bird (thanks Jackie00)
    11. Tue 03/08: hearth (thanks Baddog)
    12. Wed 04/08: rockery (thanks Baddog)
    13. Thu 05/08: thyme (thanks Baddog)
    14. Fri 06/08: beam (thanks Baddog)
    15. Sat 07/08: cream tea (thanks Louise99)
    16. Sun 08/08: rabbit (thanks Tickles)
    17. Mon 09/08: vegetable (thanks Brightspark)
    18. Tue 10/08: bee (thanks Brightspark)
    19. Wed 11/08: plough (thanks JJ_London)
    20. Thu 12/08: beans (thanks Ginger)

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    Entry 2

    1. Fri 13/08: strawberry (thanks Jerryco)
    2. Sat 14/08: barbeque (thanks SunnyDelight)
    3. Sun 15/08: ale (thanks Cameron)
    4. Mon 16/08: rosemary (thanks Blue_yonder)
    5. Tue 17/08: logs (thanks BlackBeauty)
    6. Wed 18/08: chickens (thanks Buffaloe)
    7. Thu 19/08: owl (thanks Brightspark)
    8. Fri 20/08: harvest (thanks JasonX)
    9. Sat 21/08: market (thanks Samata)
    10. Sun 22/08: farmer (thanks Ms Moneypenny)
    11. Mon 23/08: lamb (thanks Brightspark)
    12. Tue 24/08: range (thanks Carole)
    13. Wed 25/08: tractor (thanks Brightspark)
    14. Thu 26/08: croquet (thanks Apple)
    15. Fri 27/08: lavender (thanks Carole)
    16. Sat 28/08: labrador (thanks Brightspark)
    17. Sun 29/08: wellington (thanks Brightspark)
    18. Mon 30/08: pheasant (thanks Brightspark)
    19. Tue 31/08: cottage (thanks Lava00)
    20. Wed 01/09: village (thanks Carole)

    winadreamcottageVisit Win a Dream Cottage, the unofficial Daily Mail Dream Cottage fansite! Get all the daily passwords, latest news and win a home competition results, subscribe for free to have all current Dream Cottage passwords sent to you by email. Go and Win a home.

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    0 #48
    Bill Johnston on 28 Aug 2012
    Hi I looked several times for the coupon in Sundays 19th and 26th Mail papers. Would appreciate the passwords and which page they were on. Thanks
    Bill Johnston
    0 #47
    Team Win House on 21 Nov 2011
    @ Peter: Thanks for the feedback, what part of the site in particular are you having difficulties with?
    0 #46
    Peter Kirkbride on 21 Nov 2011
    Your website, in my opinion, is far too complex
    0 #45
    J.b.garner on 16 Oct 2011
    I collected all the passwords and sent them off before the date required. I have heard nothing. Who has won the cottage?
    0 #44
    Finerliving on 21 Aug 2011
    @ Mrs J Adamson: You can get all the dream cottage passwords here:

    Here's the one for yesterday:
    Sunday, 21 August 2011
    0 #43
    Mrs J Adamson on 21 Aug 2011
    Can you tell me why there was no coupon in my Mail on Sunday August 21st for the country cottage?
    0 #42
    Team Win House on 17 Jun 2011
    @ John: This competition is now closed unfortunately, please come back or sign up to our rss (see 'Ways to Stay in Touch' above the comment section on all blog pages) to be kept up to date next time the Daily Mail runs a Dream Cottage competition. Alternatively, you can register as a member on our site (it's free).
    0 #41
    John Frank MacLauren on 17 Jun 2011
    Pardon my subatomic IQ, but given that you have kindly listed the 40 passwords necessary to enter the competition to win a cottage, could you also point out something that defeats me -- armed with these, exactly how do I enter the competition? Thank you, JFM
    0 #40
    Team Win House on 27 Sep 2010
    @ Chaz

    We updated this post with a link to the competition directory entry for this competition. As soon as the results are announced, we'll publish full details here:
    0 #39
    Chaz on 26 Sep 2010
    Has the winner for this been announced yet does anyone know?

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